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Renana kishon

Kishon Gallery

The Kishon Gallery was established in 1975 in Tel Aviv by Sarah and Ephraim Kishon. The gallery hosted Israeli and international artists and participated in art fairs in Europe in addition to its regular exhibition schedule. After a break of three years and a comprehensive renovation of the gallery space, the gallery re-opened to the public as "Gallery Kishon" under the management of Renana Kishon, daughter of Sarah and Ephraim Kishon. In 2009 Renana Kishon established in addition to the Kishon collection an exhibition space for contemporary art. The renovation of the gallery brought a new curatorship line with the goal to provide the best possible conditions for the enjoyment of and reflection upon modern and contemporary art and a meeting and discussions place for a wide variety of Israeli and international artists. The gallery focuses on the presentation and promotion of young experimental art and exposes the public to the Israeli and international art scene.

We see the responsibility of the gallery as an extensive collaboration with each artist building a long term relationship, helping them with the production of exhibitions and acting as their connection to international galleries and museums. In addition to exhibiting the works of the gallery's artists, we also regularly produce group and two-person unique shows of diverse artists representing a broad range of work, acting as an open public space that presents the highest level of contemporary art to the general public.

Sara Kishon, the former owner of the Kishon gallery and Ephraim Kishon, one of the best writers and humorist in the world, collected art for more then 40 years creating a wide and diverse collection of the finest artists in Europe and Israel. Today, under the management of Renana Kishon the collection continues to grow focusing on a contemporary line, gathering young and established artists from all over the world.

Renana Kishon is a Bezalel graduate and a Sandberg Prize winner for excellence in the media design domain. She brings with her 20 years of experience and a new wind combining the design world, technology and art. After years in which she accompanied her mother Sarah Kishon in exhibition in Israel and abroad, she received the Management of the family collection and the gallery. In the last twelve years, Renana is the head director of "clementina". "clementina" ( is a company providing comprehensive solutions for web platforms. Now after reopening the gallery she will try to combine the two different disciplines and create a synergy between the world of art and the world of technology.

We are pleased to be part of the emerging art community and the Israeli art scene, working with institutions, collectors, and consultants to promote interesting and exciting artists.

Renana Kishon | owner |

Talli Lachish |  Manager & Curator |